Upcoming Openings

Interested musicians may submit a video for auditions. Video auditions are now open for the spring semester.

Video auditions can be submitted through this google form: https://forms.gle/j2FGfEFQyVvWwqCA8

If you have any questions about the orchestra or the audition process, please e-mail: mozartsocietyorchestra@gmail.com.

Audition Requirements

A solo work or two solo works of your choice, total FIVE to SEVEN minutes. This could be a part of a concerto, sonata, or a solo passage from a major orchestral work.  Two contrasting excerpts are preferred (can be from the same work as long as they differ in tempi, mood, etc.), but not required.  No scales, no sight-reading, and no memorization are required!

MSO holds auditions at beginning of the fall semester. Auditions are open to all musicians in the community. Returning players do not have to re-audition every year once they are accepted. We rehearse every Tuesday 7-9:30 pm in Paine Hall, and perform once each semester.